The project on the development of the Concept of the new State program of healthcare development for 2020-2025

From the beginning of 2019, the Center for Global Health (hereinafter referred to as the CGH) has been tasked with developing a Concept for a new State program for healthcare development for 2020–2025. The main coordinator for the development of the project was appointed the chief analyst Almat Dzhuvashev. The first stage included holding organizational meetings in a brainstorming format with the participation of heads of departments of the Ministry of Health and the Republican Center for Health Development, chaired by Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov, where the main problems of the healthcare system, vision, goals, objectives, key directions were identified.


As the next stage CGH formed a number of working groups on major areas, such as diseases of the health system, oncology, reproductive and sexual health, respiratory diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gerontology, neurology, mental health, children's diseases, endocrinology, public health, HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, trauma. On the basis of the RCHD, the working groups worked through each of the areas for three days. The working groups were created from the number of medical workers from all regions of the country and from all levels of the health care system - primary health care, hospital, medical universities, as well as representatives of NGOs and other public organizations, while the groups were formed not only of doctors, but also of average medical workers. As a result of the work of all the working groups, proposals were submitted to the healthcare development programme for 2020–2025, which were subsequently analyzed and systematized. The result and the result of this activity will be the presentation to the authorized body of the Concept of the State Program for the Development of Healthcare for 2020–2025 with goals, objectives, main indicators and deadlines for the implementation of the program.