Health financing

According to the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 18, 2009 No. 193-IV “The health of the people and the healthcare system,” sources of financial support for the health care system are:

1) budgetary funds;

1-1) assets of the social health insurance fund;

2) funds of voluntary medical insurance;

3) funds received for the provision of paid services;

3-1) funds received as voluntary donations from individuals and legal entities;

4) other sources not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Financial resources of the health system are directed to:

1) payment for services of health care subjects in the framework of guaranteed free medical care;

2) material and technical equipment of health care organizations;

3) the acquisition of drugs, orphan drugs, blood and its components, vaccines and other immunobiological drugs, as well as medical products and medical equipment;

4) elimination of cases and epidemics of infectious diseases;

5) training, advanced training and retraining of personnel in the field of health care;

6) development and implementation of medical science achievements;

7) other expenses not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the functioning of the Center for Health Economics of the Republican Center for Health Development (hereinafter - the Center) is to improve the financing of the health system by improving the mechanisms for paying for medical services, conducting macroeconomic research and implementing results in the field of health economics.

Below is a series of work carried out by the Center for Improving Financing of the Health System in the last two years:

  • Arrangements for the preparation of the compulsory social health insurance system implementation and the corresponding calculations;
  • Development of mechanisms and methods of payment for oncological service and rural health according to the global budget;
  • Analysis of the financing of the guaranteed volume of guaranteed state budget for the period of 2011-2015. in terms of forms of medical care;
  • Development of proposals for the introduction of co-payments for medical services in the compulsory social health insurance system;
  • Development of proposals for program wage increase for medical workers;
  • Development of mechanisms and improvement of fundholding in health care;
  • Methodological support for the implementation of the project "Modernization of the healthcare industry" in terms of assessing the economic efficiency of the project;
  • Organization and holding of the International Conference (Round Table) on partnership cooperation: “Health care financing reforms to ensure universal coverage of the population with medical care” in the framework of the global P4H network (Providing for Health);
  • Development of a methodology for assessing the level of medical inflation in the Republic of Kazakhstan and conducting an assessment;
  • Estimation of purchasing power parity (PPP) for RK health services;
  • Analysis of actual wages of medical workers for 2016, 2017, 6 months of 2018 year in 850 medical organizations in the context of regions (17 regions), forms of medical care (9 forms of medical care), forms of ownership (state communal state enterprise, state-owned enterprise on the right of economic management, state institution);
  • Conducting a pilot project to improve operational management in 16 health organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to increase salaries for medical personnel (cost accounting, optimization and planning of expenses, budget planning, including payroll financing, execution control and making budget adjustments);
  • Simulation of the indicator of real growth of health gross value added and its monitoring;
  • Analysis of paid services in medical organizations and the proposal of measures for their regulation;
  • Annual development and improvement of National Health Accounts, implementation of OECD recommendations.