Accreditation of healthcare organizations



Improvement of the accreditation system in healthcare through the introduction of international standards of safety and quality to ensure a high degree of public confidence and increase the competitiveness of medical organizations


Creation of an accreditation system which can provide safe and high-quality healthcare in Kazakhstan.


Accreditation is:

  • transition to international quality standards
  • the possibility of receiving safe medical services
  • respecting patient rights
  • striving for continuous improvement.
  • reducing the risk and loss of patient time
  • public trust


- Quality is paramount for us

- Patient safety is priority

- We work to achieve positive results.

- We are open for cooperation.

- Good partnerships with medical organizations across the country

- We strive to be leaders and want our partners to become leaders in their field too.

- We promote equality, respect for human rights, objectivity and impartiality.



From 2009 to the present, the accreditation procedure for medical organizations has been carried out within the framework of national health care, of which from 2009 to 2015 with the support of the World Bank’s Project named “Technology Transfer and Institutional Reform in the Health Sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - RK)”.

In 2017 for the first time for the Republic of Kazakhstan, the accrediting body represented by the Accreditation Center of the Republican Center for Health Development (hereinafter - RCHP), received international recognition as an accrediting body. Based on the audit of the compliance of the accreditation system of Kazakhstan with the requirements of the world's highest authority on quality and safety in health care - the International Society for Quality in Health Care (hereinafter referred to as ISQua), the Accreditation Commission under the Board of Directors of the ISQua made a decision on accreditation of The Center for Accreditation of RCHD for a period of four years until January 2021.

The ISQua certificate given to the RCHD Accreditation Center is an important foundation for improving the national accreditation system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The recognition of the ISQua accreditation body is a guarantee that the accreditation system and the accrediting body have the basic elements for the proper further implementation of their function, which is the assessment of medical organizations and their accreditation in order to improve the quality of medical care and patient safety.

Today, ISQua has accredited about thirty organizations as accrediting bodies, one of which is the RCHD Center for Accreditation on a par with such prestigious organizations as the JCI in the USA (Joint Commission International Accreditation), the CHKS Accreditation Unit in the UK, the Accreditation Canada in Canada, Joint Commission Taiwan in Taiwan et al.

To date, the Accreditation Center is the only specialized body to promote national accreditation in Kazakhstan, the developer of standards and accreditation procedures, also, experts, inspectors, trainers, coordinators for external integrated assessment are trained here. Moreover, pre-accreditation training, post-accreditation monitoring of medical organizations are carried out by this organization.

The staff of the Center are qualified specialists trained in accreditation issues of American gulf international as trainers, inspectors, experts (consultant, mentor, coordinator), and as surveyors in American institute for healthcare quality.




Our achievements in recognizing the international community for quality in healthcare




In 2017, the Accreditation Center received international recognition as an accrediting body for a period of 4 years from - ISQua.


In 2017, the Accreditation Center received international law from ISQua to train inspectors for accreditation.


      In 2017, the Accreditation Center received international accreditation at ISQua of national standards for organizations providing outpatient care.


In 2017, the Accreditation Center received international accreditation of ISQua national standards for stationary organizations.