Intercountry Conference on partnership collaboration: Health financing reforms for Universal Health Coverage, June 19-20, 2018, Astana, Kazakhstan


Host: the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Co-organizers: Republican Center for Health Development of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – RCHD), and P4H– Global Network for Health Financing and Social Protection

Venue: 5/1 Kerei, Zhanibek Khandar str., Nazarbayev University School of Medicine, 1 floor, Conference Hall #109

Key issues for discussion:

  1. Health financing for UHC;
  2. Implementation of  mandatory social health insurance;
  3. Extension of insurance coverage to the informal sector (self–employed);
  4. Benefit package and co–payment within the framework of SHI;
  5. Political economy aspects and implementation of evidence–based policy making;
  6. Value–based health financing;
  7. Management and regulation in health care;
  8. Partnership in health care.


Number of the audience:  200 persons 



Speakers of the conference (short bios)


Program of the Conference






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1 day 

  1. Claude Meyer_Health economics, financing and social health protection for UHC the P4H Network approach
  2. Konrad Obermann_Health financing policies and strategies for UHC in Europe – some experiences and thoughts from a diverse continent
  3. Eduardo Banzon_Major Health Financing Protection Issues in Asia
  4. Jean-Olivier Schmidt_Some issues to consider when introducing Social health insurance
  6. Triin Habicht_Lessons from mandatory health insurance development and governance in Estonia
  7. Michael Adelhardt_Extending coverage to informal workers in the context of UHC
  8. Kaliyev Marat_Kyrgyz Republic experience in introducing compulsory health insurance
  9. Sonin Sodov_Health insurance coverage for self-employed nomads in Mongolia
  10. Krzysztof Landa_Delivering health services benefits under single national health insurance system
  11. Танирбергенов_Concerning measures to improve


2 day

  1. Peter Hill_Scoping political economy issues
  2. Vitaliy Koikov_Evidence–informed policy making in health financing – lessons from the WHO project EVIPNet in Kazakhstan
  3. Berik Sharip_Medicines policy
  4. Jiruth Sriratanaban_Strategic Healthcare Purchasingin Thailand with a Focus on Paying for Performance
  5. VOmelyanovskiy_Current trends in the development of the system of payment for medical services in Russia from clinical recommendations to the payment system
  6. Temekova_Zarina_HEALTH EXPENDITURES
  7. Phua Kai Hong_HEALTH FINANCING REFORMS FOR Universal Health CoverAGE Public-Private PartNERSHIP FRAMEWORK
  8. Karen Baxter_Provision of Medical Information the British National Formulary case
  9. Enver Kagan Atikeler_Price Regulation in the Pharmaceutical Market Turkey’s Experience
  11. Israel Pargas_The Joint Learning Network Practitioners and Policymakers Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
  12. Dorjsuren Bayarsaikhan_Asia regional networking platform for sharing knowledge and practice